Bitcoin Hits New Record High Again, Etherum May Follow Soon

This is the second time this year for Bitcoin to reach record high.

On Wednesday (20/10/2021), the price of Bitcoin was recorded to have penetrated 66,000 US dollars or around Rp931 million per chip. The figure is higher than the previous record in April 2021, when Bitcoin was traded at around 63,000 US dollars (Rp924 million).

bitcoin all time high
The prices is decreasing to $65,000 USD on Thursday 07.00 GMT+7

Qoted from Kompas, on Tuesday, the price of Bitcoin itself was around 61,000 US dollars per chip or around Rp861 million. This price increase is said to have been triggered by the world's first Bitcoin-based futures exchange fund (ETF), ProShares Bitcoin Strategy (BITO), that was just listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Tuesday (19/10/2021).

The purchase of BITO shares itself does not mean that a user will own Bitcoin currency. However, the user will buy a portion of the fund that is traded on a futures exchange, and the fund will track other assets and future stock contracts, including Bitcoin trading assets. 

etherum price may reach new record high soon
Will Etherum break out of $4,200 USD to reach a new record high as well?

Meanwhile, Ether , the world's No. 2 cryptocurrency, was up 3.63% on the day at $4,018.75, after hitting a high of $4,080, nearing its record high of $4,380 reached on May 12. On Thursday morning (21/10/2021), 07.00 GMT+7, the Etherum is trying to break $4,200.