Indonesian Navy Receive Two Domestically Manufactured Tank Transport Ship

Indonesian Navy receives two Tank Transport Ships in effort to support domestic defense industry and fulfill Minimum Essential Force III.

Defense Minister, Prabowo Subianto, handed over two warships of the AT-8 and AT-9 Tank Transport types to the Indonesia Navy on Tuesday (26/10/2021). The ships were ordered by the Ministry of Defense and produced by the domestic Defense Industry, PT Bandar Abadi.

On the occasion, Prabowo, together with Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy, Admiral Yudo Margono, and several representatives from the parliament attend the ship handover ceremony. 

"We need a guard, namely a strong Indonesian Navy to fly the red and white flag and state support," said Defense Minister Prabowo in a written statement received by Nusantara Pol

Aerial view of the domestically manufactured tank transport ships.
Aerial view of the domestically manufactured tank transport ships. (Photo: Ministry of Defense)

The two Tank Transport Ships, named KRI Teluk Weda-526 and KRI Teluk Wondama-527, are an effort to fulfill the Minimum Essential Force (MEF) III target until 2024, by helping to strengthen the domestic defense industry in accordance with President Joko Widodo's directives.

The name KRI Teluk Weda-526 is taken from the name of a bay located in Central Halmahera, Central Weda District, North Maluku, which is famous for its beautiful underwater garden, with abundant fish, one of which is the Rare Foot Shark species.

The name KRI Teluk Wondama-527 is taken from the name of the Bay in the Bird's Head area of ​​Papua Island, which is considered a floating paradise because of its natural beauty, next to Raja Ampat.

Each of the two warships has a total length of 117 meters, a width of 16.40 meters, a height of 7.80 meters with a maximum speed of 16 knots. They also have an endurance of 20 days and can carry 111 crews. In addition, these two tank transports are capable of carrying 367 troops, 15 units of BMP-3F Tanks and one helicopter unit.

The construction of the two ships is completed by PT Bandar Abadi in just 25 months or five months faster than the specified time, which is 30 months.

The entry of two Tank Transport warships, KRI Teluk Weda-526 and KRI Teluk Wondama-527, into the ranks of the Indonesian Navy's defense equipment system is expected to be able to encourage the independence of the domestic defense industry, as well as reduce foreign defense efforts, especially in the procurement of warships.