Indonesian Police Who Slammed a Protester in Tangerang Apologized - Blamed It On Reflex

Indonesian Police from Tangerang Regency who slammed a protestor have apologized for his action. Regional Chief of Police promised a firm response.

A police officer with the initials of NP slammed a 21 years old university student, M Faris (MFA), during a protest in front of the Tangerang Regency Government office (Wednesday, 13 October 2021). NP apologizes for the incident.

The action of the officer becomes a national attention because the victim fell hard and had a seizure after being slammed. 

photo of officer and victim embracing
Photo released by Tangerang Departemental Police showing NP embracing MFA during the apology.

From a video shared by HIMATA on Instagram (university student union of Tangerang), it can be seen that MFA was slammed by a police officer. He appeared to be not moving then started to convulse a moment later. Several people, including some police officers tried to help MFA. Please note that the video contains upsetting scenes:

According to Tangerang Police Chief, Kombes Pol. Wahyu Sri Bintoro at a press conference at his office, on Wednesday (, the personnel NP has directly apologized to MFA and MFA's parents. He also stated that the officer's action was a reflex and there was no intention to harm the protester.

Wahyu also said that the Banten Province's Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Rudy Heriyanto, would firmly take action against the police officer who slammed the protester in Tangerang.

"Banten's Chief of Police will firmly take action against personnel who took security actions outside of the standard procedures and have promised directly to the victim and the victim's family," Wahyu explained.

On the same occasion, Wahyu also personally apologized for the acts of violence committed by the individual officer. 

"I, as the Head of Tangerang Police, have apologized to MFA, aged 21, who was subjected to acts of violence by a security force," said Wahyu.

Faris accompanied by his parents have met with the Banten Province's Police Chief Inspector General Rudy Heriyanto Adi Nugroho. On that occasion, Inspector General Rudy apologized personally to Faris and his parents.

The Victim's Statement

MFA himself has opened his voice after the incident. He said that his condition is fine.

"I'm Faris from Himata (Tangerang university student union) Banten. I don't have epilepsy, I also didn't die, I'm still alive," Faris said in a video as seen at detikcom, Wednesday (13/9).

Faris clarified via video at the Tangerang's departmental police (polres) media center. He was accompanied by the Deputy Chief of the Tangerang Police, AKBP Leonard Sinambela.

"I'm still alive, in a fine condition, although a little sore," Faris said.

Regarding the aplogy, Fariz stated that he forgives officer Brigadier NP but he will not forget the incident.

"Seeing the apology delivered by the police, of course, I as a fellow human being accept his apology, but of course I will not forget this incident," said Faris.

Faris hopes that the police will take firm action against NP who had slammed him. "I hope the police will take firm action against the police officer," he added.

The Chronology of the Incident

Wahyu explained the chronology of the protest which resulted in one of the police officers slamming a university student. It started when protesters from universisty student unions forced their way in the government building to meet Tangerang Regent, Ahmed Zaki Iskandar. The protest coincides with the 389th anniversary of Tangerang Regency.

Tensions occurred when the Tangerang departmental police negotiator team asked representatives from the student elements to meet with officials. However, the Regent was carrying activities related to the regency anniversary so he could not meet with the representatives.

Furthermore, Wahyu explained that the protesters kept insisting on meeting with the Tangerang Regent and from there, pushing and shoving occurred. The police  then arrested one person suspected of being the provocateur.

The situation escalated and a riot occurred. That's when the police slammed one the protesters with the initials of MFA.

During the incident, the police arrested 19 students. Wahyu said that the rally was attended by  university students from five different elements and one of the group was accused of starting the riot.

What's the Protesters' Demand?

As reported by, Gilang Purnama, the representative of the Alliance of Student Executive Boards (BEM) in Tangerang Regency, said that there are three points to be conveyed to the Tangerang Regent.

"Of course, our three points of demand, all represent the people of Tangerang Regency," said Gilang, Wednesday (10/13/2021). 

  • Demand for Tangerang Regency Government to takes action against industries that pollute the environment.
  • COVID-19 volunteers had not done their main duties properly despite funding.
  • Repair of the damaged roads that has not been resolved.