US CDC Categorizes Indonesia As a Green Zone Following Low COVID-19 Incidence

COVID-19 infection in Indonesia shows a declining trend. CDC of the United States has classified the country as a green zone and safe to visit.

Indonesia Cabinet Secretariat office stated that the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia has been very good, both at the national and provincial levels. In general, there is a decline in the weekly trend of new cases in Indonesia by 23 percent and a decrease in the number of deaths by 16 percent compared to the previous week.

"So far, more than four million Indonesians have been infected with COVID-19, but 96.3 percent have recovered and Indonesia's active cases are below one percent," said Government Spokesperson and Ambassador for the Adaptation of New Habits, Reisa Broto Asmoro, in a press statement, Friday (29/10/2021), at the Presidential Office, Jakarta.

For a complete list of countries with low COVID-19 rates can be seen from the official CDC website.

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dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro, Government Spokesperson, during a press conference last year. (Photo: Cabinet Secretariat)

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This achievement has made Indonesia categorized into the green zone by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. 

The green zone is a category for countries with a low incidence of COVID-19 and is safer to visit. "Therefore, the CDC asks travelers from America who are going to Indonesia to be fully vaccinated before traveling to Indonesia," continued Reisa. 

On the other hand, the daily cases in Europe almost reached 100 thousand cases per day and in the United States reached more than 70 thousand per day. According to Reisa, the pandemic will not end in Indonesia if it does not end worldwide. 

"We must continue to pray that the situation in other countries will improve soon, because the pandemic will not end in Indonesia if it does not end around the world," continued Reisa.

Reisa also said that on the global stage, Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) would issue an invitation to "recover together, recover stronger"

"As Chair of the G20 for the next year, the President invites all developed countries to work together to ensure equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine and to fight COVID-19 together, and also to ensure that treatment and prevention are carried out by all," the official spokesperson concluded. 

Indonesia has been appointed as the 2022 G20 Presidency at the 15th G20 Summit Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on November 22 last year. The handover from the current G20 Presidency, namely Italy to Indonesia, will be carried out at the G-20 Summit which is currently being held in Rome, Italy.