Indonesian Railways Company Provides 11,000 Free Train Tickets for Veterans, Teachers, and Health Workers

Indonesian Railways Company gives away free tickets for veterans, teachers, and health workers as a part of the Indonesia Heroes Day celebration.

Nusantara Pol - Indonesian Railways Company (KAI) has prepared 11,000 long-distance ticket vouchers that can be used for free train rides. This free train ticket vouchers are intended for health workers, teachers, and veterans in order to welcome Indonesia's Heroes Day, which is celebrated on November 10.

KAI is a state-owned company which used to have the monopoly for railways operation in Indonesia. Currently it's still the biggest and the sole major operator of Indonesian public railways.

The free long-distance train ticket vouchers can be used for the departure period of 8 to 30 November 2021.

ticket checking indonesian railways
Ticket checking area. (Photo: Public Relations KAI)

According to Kompas (5/11/2021), VP Public Relations of KAI, Joni Martinus said this program is a form of KAI's appreciation to the heroes who have fought and served the community both during the pandemic and during the independence period.

This program is a continuation of a similar program in 2020. At that time, KAI distributed 10,000 free train ticket vouchers to teachers and health workers. 

Thanks to the high enthusiasm of the community, this year KAI increased the number of vouchers and added veterans as one of the parties entitled to the free train tickets.

On its official Twitter account, @KAI121, the state-owned company listed the the parties who are entitled to get the free voucher: 

  • Formal education teachers for early childhood to upper secondary level or equivalent, both public and private with civil servant status and honorary.
  • Health workers which include: midwives, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy staffs, administrative staff in health facilities, and ambulance drivers from clinics, health centers, or hospitals. Doctors are not included.
  • Members of the Veterans Legion of the Republic of Indonesia (LVRI).

How to Get Free Train Ticket Vouchers 

Vouchers can be collected during the period 7 until 29 November 2021 at counters or customer service at 12 stations, namely: 

  1. Gambir Station
  2. Bandung Station
  3.  Cirebon Station
  4. Semarang Tawang Station
  5. Purwokerto Station
  6. Yogyakarta Station
  7.  Madiun Station 
  8. Surabaya Gubeng Station 
  9. Jember Station 
  10. Medan Station
  11.  Kertapati Station 
  12. Tanjung Karang Station 

Vouchers are only valid for trains departing from the voucher collection area. 

When picking up the voucher, prospective customers must show their original identity card and photocopy of identity or certificate showing they are teachers, health workers, and veterans. 

During the program, one identity is only entitled to one voucher or one trip. Voucher collection cannot be represented except for veterans. 

There are a total of 11,000 vouchers for executive and economy class trains that can be used for free to various destinations in the period 8-30 November 2021. There are trains to and from Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta, Tanjungkarang, Kertapati, Medan, and other cities. 

The number of vouchers provided on each train per date is limited. Train tickets that have been printed cannot be rescheduled. 

The free train ticket does not cover the Rapid Test Antigen fee of Rp. 45,000, which is mandatory for train riders.