Indonesian Police Arrested 48 Chinese and Vietnamese Nationals for Allegedly Committing Extortion

Metro Jaya Regional Police foiled online extortion operation allegedly committed by 48 foreigners from China and Vietnam.

Metro Jaya Regional Police raided three locations in West Jakarta. The police secured 48 foreign nationals who are suspected of committing the crime of extortion.

The raids were carried out by the Cyber ​​Intelligence Team of the Jakarta Police, led by Kompol Rovan Richard Mahenu in three locations, on Friday (12/11/2021) night, namely 

  • Jalan Cengkeh Ruko 22A-22G West Jakarta, 
  • Jalan Mangga Besar 1 Ruko No 31/33 West Jakarta 
  • Ruko Jiu Jiu Xiang, Mediterranean complex, Gajah Mada, West Jakarta, .

The raids started with information from the public who suspected the activities of the foreigners. The police then investigate the information and secured the three locations.

A total of 48 foreigners were arrested, consisting of 46 Chinese citizens and 2 Vietnamese citizens. Of the 48 people, 44 were men and 4 were women.

The arrested foreigners during police press conference. (Photo: Police Public Relations)
The arrested foreigners during police press conference. (Photo: Police Public Relations)

"The results of the Metro Jaya Regional Police profiling have succeeded in securing 48 foreigners in three locations in West Jakarta," said the Head of Public Relations of the Metro Jaya Regional Police, Brigadier General Yusri Yunus, as quoted from Detik, Saturday (13/11/2021).

Phone Sex Blackmail 

The Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation of the Metro Jaya Regional Police, Kombes Auliansyah explained that the perpetrators targeted their victims through dating applications. The victim was then invited to do a video chat.

"In this application, you can get to know each other, find a mate, you can chat further with people starting with sex activities over the phone," said Kombes Auliansyah.

The police stated that the perpetrators would ask the victims to do video call and undress. They will secretly record and use the video and pictures to threaten the victims to give some money.

"One chat activity and forcing (victims) to  open clothes. So the female perpetrators lure the victim by undressing so that the victim is baited and becomes the basis for blackmailing the victim. The victims are in China but the main perpetrators are in Indonesia," explained Yusri. The police also investigates possible victims from Indonesia.

Perpetrators use the nude photos of  the victims to blackmail. If the victims refuse to transfer the asked money, the nude photos will later be distributed.

Auliansyah said the perpetrators had been operating since August 2021. The perpetrators are still dodging questions about the financiers and the brains of the group.

According to Taiwan News, the group, consisting of 46 Chinese and two Vietnamese, defrauded the Taiwanese to the tune of NT$6 million (US$215,800) over three months.

Immigration Issue

The immigration authorities said they would explore the travel history of the perpetrators, how they entered Indonesia.

"We will investigate it," said Head of the DKI Jakarta Immigration Division, Saffar Muhammad Godam, Jakarta, Saturday (11/13/2021).

The perpetrators of these foreign nationals are known to have acted in Indonesia since August 2021. Immigration is now still investigating allegations of immigration violations committed by dozens of foreign nationals.

"After we received (from) the police, we secured them in detention while waiting for further coordination and conducting an investigation of the immigration violations committed," he said.

Saffar said that his party was still coordinating with the Taiwan police in deciding the process of taking action against this perpetrator. Currently, the foreign nationals will be temporarily placed in the DKI Jakarta detention center.