Jokowi Gave Speech to Commemorate International Day of Disabled Persons 2021

To commemorate International Day of Disabled Persons, President Jokowi reminded the nation that services to the disabled is a measure of greatness.

In order to fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities, the government has come up with various regulations, both Presidential Regulations and Government Regulations.

Then, a few days ago, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has also inaugurated the membership of the National Commission for Disabilities which is tasked with monitoring, evaluating, and advocating for the implementation of the rights of disabled persons.

The committee will ensure that programs related to persons with disabilities can be identified systematically and measurably.

“I remind that the existence of regulations and committees that support (people with) disability are very important, but those are not enough. It is very important for us to implement these regulations," said the President in his remarks at the International Day of Disabled Persons, Friday (3/12/2021), as quoted from InfoPublik.

President Jokowi commemorates International Day for Disabled Persons 2021. (Photo:BPMI Setpres)
President Jokowi commemorates International Day for Disabled Persons 2021. (Photo:BPMI Setpres)

President Jokowi realizes that implementing these regulations is not easy, especially in the difficult situation during the current pandemic which also impacts the economic capacity of disabled persons, especially those who work in the informal sector.

"However, the challenges during the pandemic also provide opportunities to create new innovations, including the transformation of policies and programs that ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities," he added.

Therefore, the President asked ministries/agencies as well as local governments to continue to innovate to implement the rights disabled persons by involving families and communities, as well as carrying out residential work that is integrated with various social welfare service programs.

"Persons with disabilities must be invited to use adaptive technology, for example the provision of assistive devices and business tools for people with disabilities, be it wheelchairs, three-wheeled motorbikes, and adaptive guide sticks," he said.

In addition, added the Head of State, persons with disabilities can also be involved in productive activities, such as assembling wheelchairs, tricycles, as well as making adaptive guide sticks.

The activities will provide space and opportunity as well as accessibility to develop disabled persons' potentials, as an important asset to help themselves at the same time contribute to society and the environment.

“What must also be prioritized, are the facilitation of self-improvement, formal and informal education, access for disabled persons to continue upskilling and reskilling. Access for disabled persons to obtain employment and entrepreneurship opportunities must continue to be facilitated and improved. Not only improving the capacities of individuals with disabilities, strengthening the capacity of social institutions, cooperatives, and MSMEs that employ people with disabilities must continue to be supported and given incentives," he said.

At the end of his speech, the President emphasized that commitment and service to person with disability is a measure of the progress of a nation's civilization.

“I need to remind you, commitment and service to disability is a measure of the progress of a nation's civilization. Indonesia as a big nation must continue to improve its civilization," he said.