Mount Semeru Eruption Update: Death Toll Raises to 22, Dozens Still Missing

The number of death toll from Mount Semeru keeps increasing as joint team perform search and rescue operation.

NusantaraPol - Indonesia National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) reported that as of 17:30 Western Indonesia Time, 22 people have died and 27 are missing due to the eruption of Mount Semeru.

"Update at 17:30 Western Indonesia Time, the number of victims who died is 22 people," said Abdul Muhari, Head of BNPB Disaster Data Information and Communication Center, in a virtual press conference, Monday (6/12/2021), as reported by InfoPublik.

Ash-covered landscape as an aftermath of Mount Semeru eruption, Indonesia (Photo: BNPB)
Ash-covered landscape in an aftermath of Mount Semeru eruption, Indonesia (Photo: BNPB)

According to Muhari, 14 people died in Pronojiwo District and 8 people died in Candipuro District. As many as 9 victims who have been identified have been buried.

Meanwhile, joint teams in the field are still focused on searching for the 27 missing victims.

BNPB also noted that 2,970 housing units were damaged by Mount Semeru's hot cloud avalanches, also known as pyroclastic flow.

Previously, the Regent of Lumajang, Thoriqul Haq had declared 30 days emergency status as a respond to the eruption, starting from December 4, 2021 to January 3, 2022.

Separately, the Head of Staff of 0821 Lumajang Military District Command, Major Inf. Rinanto, asked all search and rescue personnel to prioritize personal safety in carrying out their duties.

"Prioritize the safety factor when carrying out the task of helping communities affected by the Mount Semeru  Disaster, both during the evacuation and in the search process," Rianto said while giving a mandate during the morning briefing on Monday (6/12/2021).